Speaker Highlight

Jeff Elder

About Jeff

Jeff Elder is the founder and owner of Sync Three, an inbound marketing and sales agency located in Dublin, Ohio. His company helps B2B companies develop and implement strategies that combine inbound marketing, proven sales approaches and technology to create trust-building human experiences that drive revenue.

Jeff’s passion and mission grew out of the closure of a colleague’s business. This was the result of a lack of understanding about how to market and sell to today’s consumer. Unfortunately, there is a major disconnect between many companies and today’s buyer. Jeff knows very well that one of the toughest marketing and sales challenges for many companies today is to make real human connections with these consumers. You can find Jeff’s website at:¬†www.syncthree.com.


Rethinking Marketing: A Radical Call for Transformation

People are continually changing as the world around them has changed. Right now, people are more informed, engaged, connected, and opinionated than ever before. Their personal happiness affects our bottom line. They are ignoring the companies who spam them, interrupt them, annoy them and¬†refuse to respect them. When companies stop acting like strangers and start connecting as humans, trust and loyalty is earned. Just like people change, it’s time for marketing to change – It’s time to become more human.