Speaker Highlight

Evan DiLeo

About Evan

Evan is a Senior Partner Strategist at HubSpot, where he provides intensive growth consulting for businesses aiming to scale.  He and his Partners work together to increase overall value to client relationships, implement ROI-centric services, and improve retention.  His experience as an Air Force Captain and involvement in the Boston Startup Community complements this role, and his passion for training and mentoring team members.


The Information Age: Curation as a Service
The Information Age is maturing.  Following the worldwide adoption of the internet, humanity has been granted increasing levels of access to information — both relevant, and irrelevant.  At this point, the challenge of spreading that access to the entirety of our species is being superseded by another: distilling and delivering that wealth of information in a manner that’s useful.
We can add immense value to prospects and clients as a curator, but only if we transform our concept of ongoing relationships to one of ongoing Discovery.