Speaker Highlight

Chris Borja

About Chris

Chris is a life-long entrepreneur, and the founder of Become a Better Networker. For most of his life, Chris suffered from extreme shyness, introversion, and fear of social settings.

Now that he has overcome those challenges, Chris feels called to help people overcome their own challenges to become a better networker, a better connector, and become the person they were meant to be!

He is the Author of the upcoming book titled, “Become a Better Networker: Overcome Your Fears, Increase Your Influence, and Impact Your Community,” which will be released Winter 2017.


Why Networking Doesn’t Work for Most, and How to Be Different

Chris’ sessions are comprised of instruction, interaction, and inspiration to become a better networker, a better marketer, and a better person.

Everyone knows the importance of networking, but most people never learned these 3 specific stages to get the desired results from their efforts. This leaves them avoiding the activity, or getting frustrated because their networking isn’t working.

His activity-based lessons have helped thousands of business leaders to improve their networking skills, improve their businesses, and improve their communities.

Come ready to have some fun while learning new skills!